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Shower Facility Page

You have reached this page because you may be interested in camping and taking a shower when visiting Fond du Lac during the EAA convention.

Our local EAA chapter has constructed a shower trailer with the assistance of Fond du Lac area businesses. We did this for the campers that come to Fond du Lac to have a good time.

Camping at Fond du Lac is ONLY to the EAST of the north-south taxiway.

All transient planes are to park to the WEST of the north-south taxiway. Anyone that wants to park & camp, or just park, on the EAST SIDE of 18/36 at Fond du Lac will have to pay a camping fee. This fee will help cover the cost for the shower facility, cost of electricity, sewer and water, and future maintenance. This fee is $50.00 for the plane. It doesn't matter if the plane has one, two for four people on board. The fee is still $50.00. Your plane load can take showers all week and camp all week for the one $50.00 fee. The county charges a  parking fee that that is included in the camping fee. This parking fee is for the entire week. If you tell us you are camping, you'll be parking on the EAST side of 18/36 and you'll pay the $50.00**.  If you tell us you are camping, and you're really not, you'll still be able to park on the EAST side of 18/36. It just becomes a very expensive parking spot!  The FAA is doing this to get ALL the transient planes to the west side of the airport. They don't want transient planes in the camping area. It is getting too full, and this punishes the real campers. NO CAMPING IS ALLOWED ON THE WEST SIDE OF 18/36. FAA RULES!

Tie Downs are available to purchase from the EAA Chapter members in the Green Gators, White golf carts, or motorcycles. Tie Downs are $20.00 per set. As per EAA AirVenture rules, ALL AIRPLANES MUST TIE DOWN. The tower has informed us that any airplane that does not tie down could be subject to a ramp check!

If you're camping in Fond du Lac, please consider helping us park and direct planes at FLD. The local chapter is always looking for volunteers to help park and direct planes, sell tie downs, drive around on gators and provide soda, eats etc to the other volunteers. It's a good time to meet all the people coming to Fond du Lac for the week. Email me,

Our EAA Chapter has a base of operations during AirVenture. We are using our new mobile command trailer which is located next to the new airport terminal.

Thanks, and have a great time in Fond du Lac.

Gary Hilbert, Chairman and John Zorn, Co-Chairman, Flight Line Operations FLD

** The fee breakdown is as follows:
Fond du Lac County Parking fee $15.00, Camping at Fond du Lac is $35.00 for the week.
This is the total of $50.00. There is NO daily camping fee.

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