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Thank you for visiting the EAA Chapter 572 AirVenture  information page
Fond du Lac is designated as the first reliever airport for Oshkosh. Many people land here because FLD is not as congested as the OSH airport. Although we have a FAA operated control tower during that week, we are usually never closed. You can come in any time of the day or night.  The only difference is that the control tower closes at 9:00 PM. After that hour, it's just like any other airport. Unicom 123.05 is active and you just find a place to park by yourself. We have grass parking all over the airport, and if you have a hard surface reservation, the FBO will allow you to park on the ramp. Ramp parking, by reservation only, is available by calling the FBO, Fond du Lac Skyport at 920-922-6000. But remember, you need a reservation or you'll have to park in the grass. Size does matter for grass parking. Our grass area is all hard packed, and unless it's raining hard, or has rained in the past few hours, you should have no problem. Use your head when parking in the grass. You are the PIC. SLOW DOWN. LOOK OUT FOR OTHER PLANES.

We have limited camping available on the airport with a EAA 572 shower facility. Click here to read that information EAA 572 SHOWER FACILITY. Camping at FLD is on the east side of 18 / 36 runways, and the cost is $50.00** for the plane and all passengers, for the week, and that includes the $15.00 parking fee for Fond du Lac County. EAA requires that ALL airplanes be tied down. If you did not bring tie downs along, the camping and parking John Deere Gator's and golf carts have them for sale, $20.00 per set and they are yours to keep.

Getting to OSH from FLD in usually not a problem. A local bus contractor operates a shuttle bus from FLD to OSH that runs every hour from about 7:00 AM up to 9:00PM everyday Last shuttle leaves OSH at 9:30 PM. The bus takes you from the Terminal parking lot, and drops you off right at the front gate of EAA. It could not be more convenient for you. The cost is $15 1 way and $27 round trip.We have have limited food service available, and at this time we’re not sure what that will be. Located near the FBO, is the our LOCAL EAA Chapter 572 command trailer. If you have any questions, there is usually someone in the trailer to answer questions. This is also the FLD EAA volunteer center during AirVenture.  

We encourage pilots that fly in to FLD to take an active role in helping us operate the FLD flight line. We are always in need of volunteers to help us. It's not a hard job. We'll even train you. Once you learn the correct procedure to park and direct airplanes, whenever you go to a fly in, you will understand more. Our volunteers earn free daily passes to EAA through their efforts. We ask that a volunteer give 4-6 hours for each free pass. A great way to see EAA on the cheap. During the work shifts, we provide donuts and coffee in the morning, lunch and dinner, along with a variety of drinks. Of course, you will need sunscreen, but someone always has some you can use. Besides parking and directing planes to park, we also sell tie down kits, distribute gas tags for the FBO, and collect camping fees from the campers. We get around the airport using 2 John Deere Gators, a Golf Cart or 2, and 2 Yamaha or Honda motorbikes. This allows us to get around to park the planes, carry and sell the tie down kits, and collect the fees necessary for camping. For radio communication, we use our aviation handheld radios.

Have a wonderful and safe show.
TOWER    120.40      GROUND 121.85    ATIS 134.00     UNICOM 123.05       ASOS   126.825

** The fee breakdown is as follows:
Fond du Lac County Parking fee $15.00, Camping at Fond du Lac is $35.00 for the week per airplane.
This is the total of $50.00. There is NO daily camping fee.  NO REFUNDS.

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